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We innovated our sanitation supply: read us to discover the reasons why ozone is the best option and what distinguishes our company!

10 reasons to use ozone as a sanitizer: It's natural. Ozone is a gas that already exists in nature, derives from oxygen and is formed in the stratosphere by the action of UV rays and electrical discharges of lightning during thunderstorms. It is effective. Being heavier than air, it spreads in environments in a capillary way, penetrating deep into the tissues and also reaches the most hidden points where bacteria and allergens nest. It acts on bacteria, fungi, spores, molds and inactivates viruses. Eliminates bad smells. The ozone molecules attack and neutralize the particles that cause bad odors, leaving in their place a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and regenerated and deodorized air. It is an excellent natural repellent against insects, crawling and small rodents. It prevents their proliferation because it eliminates bacteria, the cause of their multiplication. It has a low production cost. Little electricity is used and oxygen present in the air. It is ecological, it leaves no residue and it is eco-friendly. After the treatment, the ozone is converted back to oxygen without leaving any toxic or chemical residue. It's safe. Despite being a gas, ozone is not flammable or explosive. It does not harm people, animals and the environment. You don't have to move elements in the environment when using it. Why choose us: We specific ozone application know-how for many years. We provide systems for air and water treatment. Our sanitation is based on verified data and cooperation with universities and research centers. We adopt consolidated protocols for the use of ozone gas which guarantee us to operate in absolute safety and to optimize its advantages. We are members of EuOTA, the European ozone trade association.