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See you in Berlin: visit us at FRUITLOGISTICA 2019!

Also this year you will find us at FRUITLOGISTICA 2019! Visit us at our vacuum cooling partner & leading supplier WEBER Cooling stand (Hall 3.1 / Stand B-03). It will be a great opportunity to analyse together the advantages of our technologies and in particular vacuum cooling units of which our company directly provides design, installation and maintenance. SAIM Service - WEBER Cooling partnership rewards SAIM Service know-how, SAIM provide consulting, design, installation and maintenance of postharvest technologies. From refrigerated storage to applications by means of ozone gas for sanitation of air and water, through detanization, modified atmospheres, ripening, degreening, quick pre-cooling (hydro cooling & pressure cooling) and sanitation by means of CO2. Specifically, vacuum cooling is based on the principle of low temperature evaporation of a small percentage of moisture present in the product. Therefore, a fast and stress-free pre-cooling is obtained, guaranteeing a reduced weight loss and reduced time of marketing. E.g. leafy vegetables can be cooled in 20-30 minutes, from 25 ° to 3-5 °High surface / weight ratio produce are perfectly suited to vacuum cooling. Several products benefit from this technology: vegetables (icebergs, herbs, rocket, spinach, broccoli, sprouts, etc.) bread, substrate for mushrooms (compost), flowers, rice for sushi, etc. SAIM Service invite you to analyze together the advantages of vacuum cooling and to consider the possibility of carrying out specific tests based on the needs of the customers. See you at Fruitlogistica, Hall 3.1 / Stand B-03.