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Two days dedicated to post-harvest research with 130 participants and over 60 research and commercial institutions. SAIM as top sponsor.

The two-day Apulian event POSTRACCOLTA2014 was an extension of the successful |CA|MA|2013| (international conference on modified atmospheric conditions), for which SAIM's Ozono-sanificazione brand was a Top Sponsor. The event is ulterior proof of the scientific community's interest in the field for the initiatives suggested by the Foggia research group headed by Prof. Giancarlo Colelli and insieme Prof. Antonio Ferrante of Università di Milano.

Post-harvest losses are evaluated at between30 to 35% of total production of fruits and vegetables. This gives motives for further research into post-harvest loss-reduction techniques to ensure the produce reaches consumers in the best possible conditions. Clearly current investments are not up to par with this goal.

Our products aim to bring produce to the consumer's tables without the use of invasive chemicals leaving no residues whatsoever. We presented our results whereby 90% of losses were avoided with ozono use relative to common practices.