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Fish farming

The chain of fish farming, handling, processing and transport can use ozone to great benefit. In gaseous or dissolved in water, ozone is a perfect match for refrigeration benefits.

Fish, shellfish and the like are very sensitive to the degenerative effects of micro-organisms. Ozono allays these risks by attacking microbial and viral sources. Some advantages include: Ice made from ozonoated water reduces superficial bacterial loads.. Ozonated wated within clean-in-place set-ups allows for a single rinsing treatment without any chemical additives.

Fish farming, using water previously sanitised with ozone can reduce viurs, protozoic and fungus loads that are pathogens to fish populations, avoiding population losses that have been observed in the 20% to 70% range.

Additionally, ozone treated water leads to diminished use of water per tonnage of production, as a well as permits fish to better assimilate their nutrients, thereby leading to further savings.