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Industrial Laundry

Oxidation via ozone provides leverage over detergents by increasing their relative effectiveness. Operational water temperatures can thus drop; from levels of 60 to 75ºC to temperatures hovering around 35ºC. Energy savings!

The amount of detergent required drops. On its own, ozone oxidises and disinfects, thus chlorinated bleaches can be eliminated and the amount of aggressive agents reduced. Ozone also helps maintain neutral pH levels, thus obviating the need for additional chemicals that counteract imbalanced pH generated by detergents in the first place! Funny how that goes! Ozone also helps contain static electricity, thereby reducing fabric softener requirements.

The benefits do not end there. Ozone helps fibers relax, thus facilitating rinsing. Considered globally, the savings really add up: detergents and agents, energy and water.

And fabrics love it! Less damage to fabric leads to longer usage. Industries with very heavy laundry use (hotels and such) can generate additional savings via reduced laundry purchases.

Last, but certainly not least the overall environmental impact is greatly improved between lower detergent use and reduced energy consumption.