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Our living environments can be contaminated from various sources. Private or public, it is a constant concern. The busier the environment, the greater the risks. A true concern for establishments such as hotels. And not just the common areas and bedrooms: meeting spaces, spa and health clubs, kitchens and food handling...

Bacteria, virus, fungi and other pathogenic microbes can be kept at bay through proper use of gaseous and liquid ozone. The oxidising power of ozone eliminates pathogens. Thus various smells - pets, kitchen, mold... - are not just covered up, like with some perfumes, but eliminated.

Air quality is probably is easy to pick out. Smoke-stenched rooms, steamy meeting rooms, areas closer to the kitchens can all be purified via ozone. Ozone-treated water brings other benefits, such as maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables, sterilisation of cooking tools and cleaning/disinfecting of various contact surfaces.

Obviously, applied to spas, where hygiene is de rigueur, it becomes obvious for maintaining pristine environments. And the pool... Crystal-clear water that leaves no residue on the skin nor chlorine-tainted smells.

Quality that becomes obvious!